Early Christmas Post :)

I love Christmas. I have always loved Christmas. Not that I ever celebrate it. Not really. And that fucking sucks. But I still love it. Perhaps the whole reason why I love it is because it’s still a fantasy. An idealistic dream.

I will probably be on vacation when Christmas comes. So I will probably have bad internet. Because we’re always too cheap for even a 3 star hotel, that’s why the wifi will most probably suck balls. And that’s why I want to post this early Christmas post to wish everybody a Merry Christmas 🙂

It is now 2:36 AM and I am fucking tired. I drank too much coffee once again, because I had to study for this stupid French test or else I will fail it later today. I hate this. I am so tired but I can’t sleep because caffeine is a bitch again. Damn it.

It is almost the 1 year anniversary of this blog. December’s always have my anniversaries. Most of the shitty ones, I think. But 1 January is the birthday of this diary blog thingy. What shall I do to celebrate?

Only 3 more days, then it will be Christmas holiday. Well, not exactly, I still have to attend a stupid Christmas ‘event’ where I will have to play the piano. I really really really don’t want to 😦 My head doesn’t work anymore, who has fucking time to practice for piano? Ugh. I hate this. I’m at this point that I just need a break or else I will definitely have a burn out. Seriously.

While I’m on holiday, I will most probably read a book and write my book. Well, I’m only at chapter 2, but hey, I’m not bored with it yet. So that’s a good thing. I think I will have to make an outline though. Because I have no idea where the story is going (well, I kinda do, but I don’t know how to begin chapter 2 (no, I do know that, I’m just too fucking lazy, I think)).

Pfft. I have a really long list of school work that have to be finished at the end of the holidays. I even have exams 2 weeks after the holiday, and the week after that is the deadlines week. And the week before that, I have this stupid presentation that I have to prepare for, something that I really don’t want to do. I don’t hate presentations, I just hate preparing for it.

On the bright side… I won’t be cold in this winter because I’m leaving for Rome next Monday. So yay for that… ^_^

It’s a quarter for 3 and I have to get up at 7.

I better go to sleep.


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