I fell from my bike…. lmao.

So I guess I’m not stopping with this blog after all. Yes, I did want to stop. But people said that they enjoyed my blog and so I decided not to give up. No, scratch that. Lmao, people? People my ass. Like one person but whatever. If one person cares, I guess it’s worth doing.

Btw, that one awesome person is animalisticone. Please check out his/her blog. & animalisticone, thank you for caring. It means the world to me 🙂

So back to the point. I was absent for almost 2 months. Oops… (I did it again). But no, seriously. I’m fucking sorry. I feel so guilty right now 😥 And yeah, I had exams in the first week of November so I had to study the last few weeks of October and November was Nanowrimo and Thanksgiving and my birthday so like, I was busy as fuck. I’m not kidding, I’m so tired right now.

My Nanowrimo project is a fail. I’m not kidding. I ended up not writing the 50k words. Didn’t even make it to 25k >.< But, regardless, I did like the story, for the first time (in forever). For all those people who don’t know what Nanowrimo is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month and you basically try to write a book in 1 month. I know it sounds impossible, because it fucking is. In the 3 years that I participated, I never won once. Mostly because I’m one lazy ass, but you get the point.

I fell from my bike last week. I sound like a retard, don’t I? Oh well. I was going to music class, which is like somewhere else than at my high school (those idiots they can’t even fix a few guitars -_-, we don’t even have a sport hall, how pathetic). Anyway, my uh handle bar got stuck with my friend’s and when I tried to pull it away I fell down and she fell on top of me.

It was pretty fast, really. All those things you see in movies with slow motion stuff… I gotta say…. it’s complete horse-shit. I only remember like, when my eyes were open I was still riding my bike and after blinking once I was already on the ground. Slow motion my ass -_- My head hid the ground and my jean got ripped, my right knee was open and my right hand too. And it hurt like hell lmao. I couldn’t even stand up I was fucking nauseous and dizzy. I couldn’t even walk straight, I felt like a drunk motherfucker or stoned. My friend kinda had to drag me to the school XD

Yeah. It was kinda weird. I didn’t even cry, which was weird because I can’t handle adrenaline. Like seriously, it makes me cry. Ghehe now I sound like a pussy don’t I? XD

I gotta stop now, cuz it’s dinner time and I’m fucking hungry right now. Oh & btw, I just saw that I have 74 followers/subscribers? Holy shit man. Didn’t see that one coming >.<

Bye. I’ll see u sooner or later. Expect more activity  on this awesomeee blog. Lmao self promotion much.


2 thoughts on “I fell from my bike…. lmao.

  1. Lol glad you’re back! ^.^ No need to apologize for not being active. It’s okay to have a life outside the internet. XD I did NaNoWrimo too! 😀 It was my 1st year and I got a little under 2,000 words done. XD I’m proud of where I’m at tho; Don’t think I’ll ever do NaNoWriMo again, however! XD Fall seems like the busiest time of year already & having to meet big word goals everyday kinda makes it worst. :/
    ANYWAYS, hope your knee & hand feels better soon! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice! I don’t really know any other people who do Nanowrimo 🙂 I try every year, but like I said, I’ve never been over the 10k 😦 November is also my busiest month, November and July actually.
      Ah, my knee & hand are better now, thank God, seriously, I couldn’t play the piano and type properly on my laptop which annoyed me sooo much. But I’m alright now, yay!
      Merry Christmas 🙂


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