And Happy 1 Year Anniversary of this awesome blog!

Damn, self promotion much.

But, I am really happy. Can’t believe I kept it alive for a year, I’ve never had such a long ‘project’. And well, I wouldn’t say that I’ve always succeeded in keeping it ‘alive’. But let’s just say that this year, things went very well with my free time which is why I was able to do this.

Don’t mind my rambling, everything here is written under the influence of firework exploding in my ear which is really not a good thing. Damn. I hate firework, so many sounds and ughh.

I hope y’all have a great year ahead and I dunno, make good New years Resolutions and follow them. I should make them too, right? Alright, here goes nothing:

1: Keep this piece of pain in the ass alive (jk, but really, keep it alive!)

2: Work hard on my novel (its already failing, I know it. I already started a new one, whoopsie. But, I will work on both (yeah.. probably not gonna happen anyway))

3: Exercise more (like hell I won’t.)

4: Start early when it comes to studying for exams (hmm, yeah, I’ll try, promise. Because this is school, it’s serious, it’s future.)

5 (The last one, thank God): Make. New. Friends.

Lmao. I gotta say, the last one is definitely the hardest. Because fuck people in general and fuck my social skills and fuck the fact that I need people in my life in order to survive because it’s so annoying that it’s true and fuck the world and fuck this universe. Today I am going to marathon stupid movies, wait until its midnight, drink champagne and sleep before 1 A.M because I don’t wanna stay up to party.

See you guys next year.


Hello…. it’s me.

And I found myself, once again, sneaking on this blog for whatever reason and having an internal conflict about writing a post. I first thought, why the hell not? But then I remember the amount of shit I planned to do this holiday. Gehe, as if I ever had much discipline before.

I’m starting to have back problems. I know, I know, I’m young and healthy. But seriously, they hurt like hell. And that’s probably because I’ve been sitting on the couch since 10 AM this morning and it is now 9:47 PM…. Okay, so I played the piano for about 15 minutes before giving up <– that was only because I was dumb enough to wash the dishes before playing so my hands were fucking cold!

So yeah, I guess I’ve been sitting in the same position for 12 hours and my eyes are red because of bloodshot and ugh. I’m such an internet addict >.< But I figured I shouldn’t waste my time because I’ll probably be internet free for a whole week. So yeah, back pain or not, I’m still doing this internet until you die thingy. Lmao. The youth of today. How fucked up. Not that I mind.

I managed to eat a whole can of whipped cream today. And the 500gr family nachos bag along with hot dip sauce and some ramen. Damn, I’m such a healthy person. On top of that, I didn’t do anything productive today. I should’ve taken a shower, but I didn’t. I should’ve started the second chapter of my  book, but I didn’t. I should’ve finish this project thing for school, one that was supposed to be done a week ago, but I didn’t. Damn.

Honestly, it sounds like one of my typical Saturdays… But what the hell, right? I should be making New Year’s resolution …. yup.

You know what I’ve been wondering for a while? I wonder if any of you are curious about who I am. Like, in real life. You know, social media, Facebook, pictures, that kinda stuff. Hell, I don’t think any of you even know my age. All you guy read is just some bullshit story of someone who lives somewhere went through.

Doesn’t that make you wonder who I really am?

I know I would be dying to know that person. Even if it’s just a picture, of a real name, or heck, even the country where they live in. I always feel so shitty for wanting to know more, because that person wanted to stay anonymous for some reason, you know?

Why am I even talking about this?

Let’s go to sleep.

I’m tired.


Early Christmas Post :)

I love Christmas. I have always loved Christmas. Not that I ever celebrate it. Not really. And that fucking sucks. But I still love it. Perhaps the whole reason why I love it is because it’s still a fantasy. An idealistic dream.

I will probably be on vacation when Christmas comes. So I will probably have bad internet. Because we’re always too cheap for even a 3 star hotel, that’s why the wifi will most probably suck balls. And that’s why I want to post this early Christmas post to wish everybody a Merry Christmas 🙂

It is now 2:36 AM and I am fucking tired. I drank too much coffee once again, because I had to study for this stupid French test or else I will fail it later today. I hate this. I am so tired but I can’t sleep because caffeine is a bitch again. Damn it.

It is almost the 1 year anniversary of this blog. December’s always have my anniversaries. Most of the shitty ones, I think. But 1 January is the birthday of this diary blog thingy. What shall I do to celebrate?

Only 3 more days, then it will be Christmas holiday. Well, not exactly, I still have to attend a stupid Christmas ‘event’ where I will have to play the piano. I really really really don’t want to 😦 My head doesn’t work anymore, who has fucking time to practice for piano? Ugh. I hate this. I’m at this point that I just need a break or else I will definitely have a burn out. Seriously.

While I’m on holiday, I will most probably read a book and write my book. Well, I’m only at chapter 2, but hey, I’m not bored with it yet. So that’s a good thing. I think I will have to make an outline though. Because I have no idea where the story is going (well, I kinda do, but I don’t know how to begin chapter 2 (no, I do know that, I’m just too fucking lazy, I think)).

Pfft. I have a really long list of school work that have to be finished at the end of the holidays. I even have exams 2 weeks after the holiday, and the week after that is the deadlines week. And the week before that, I have this stupid presentation that I have to prepare for, something that I really don’t want to do. I don’t hate presentations, I just hate preparing for it.

On the bright side… I won’t be cold in this winter because I’m leaving for Rome next Monday. So yay for that… ^_^

It’s a quarter for 3 and I have to get up at 7.

I better go to sleep.

I fell from my bike…. lmao.

So I guess I’m not stopping with this blog after all. Yes, I did want to stop. But people said that they enjoyed my blog and so I decided not to give up. No, scratch that. Lmao, people? People my ass. Like one person but whatever. If one person cares, I guess it’s worth doing.

Btw, that one awesome person is animalisticone. Please check out his/her blog. & animalisticone, thank you for caring. It means the world to me 🙂

So back to the point. I was absent for almost 2 months. Oops… (I did it again). But no, seriously. I’m fucking sorry. I feel so guilty right now 😥 And yeah, I had exams in the first week of November so I had to study the last few weeks of October and November was Nanowrimo and Thanksgiving and my birthday so like, I was busy as fuck. I’m not kidding, I’m so tired right now.

My Nanowrimo project is a fail. I’m not kidding. I ended up not writing the 50k words. Didn’t even make it to 25k >.< But, regardless, I did like the story, for the first time (in forever). For all those people who don’t know what Nanowrimo is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month and you basically try to write a book in 1 month. I know it sounds impossible, because it fucking is. In the 3 years that I participated, I never won once. Mostly because I’m one lazy ass, but you get the point.

I fell from my bike last week. I sound like a retard, don’t I? Oh well. I was going to music class, which is like somewhere else than at my high school (those idiots they can’t even fix a few guitars -_-, we don’t even have a sport hall, how pathetic). Anyway, my uh handle bar got stuck with my friend’s and when I tried to pull it away I fell down and she fell on top of me.

It was pretty fast, really. All those things you see in movies with slow motion stuff… I gotta say…. it’s complete horse-shit. I only remember like, when my eyes were open I was still riding my bike and after blinking once I was already on the ground. Slow motion my ass -_- My head hid the ground and my jean got ripped, my right knee was open and my right hand too. And it hurt like hell lmao. I couldn’t even stand up I was fucking nauseous and dizzy. I couldn’t even walk straight, I felt like a drunk motherfucker or stoned. My friend kinda had to drag me to the school XD

Yeah. It was kinda weird. I didn’t even cry, which was weird because I can’t handle adrenaline. Like seriously, it makes me cry. Ghehe now I sound like a pussy don’t I? XD

I gotta stop now, cuz it’s dinner time and I’m fucking hungry right now. Oh & btw, I just saw that I have 74 followers/subscribers? Holy shit man. Didn’t see that one coming >.<

Bye. I’ll see u sooner or later. Expect more activity  on this awesomeee blog. Lmao self promotion much.