And Happy 1 Year Anniversary of this awesome blog!

Damn, self promotion much.

But, I am really happy. Can’t believe I kept it alive for a year, I’ve never had such a long ‘project’. And well, I wouldn’t say that I’ve always succeeded in keeping it ‘alive’. But let’s just say that this year, things went very well with my free time which is why I was able to do this.

Don’t mind my rambling, everything here is written under the influence of firework exploding in my ear which is really not a good thing. Damn. I hate firework, so many sounds and ughh.

I hope y’all have a great year ahead and I dunno, make good New years Resolutions and follow them. I should make them too, right? Alright, here goes nothing:

1: Keep this piece of pain in the ass alive (jk, but really, keep it alive!)

2: Work hard on my novel (its already failing, I know it. I already started a new one, whoopsie. But, I will work on both (yeah.. probably not gonna happen anyway))

3: Exercise more (like hell I won’t.)

4: Start early when it comes to studying for exams (hmm, yeah, I’ll try, promise. Because this is school, it’s serious, it’s future.)

5 (The last one, thank God): Make. New. Friends.

Lmao. I gotta say, the last one is definitely the hardest. Because fuck people in general and fuck my social skills and fuck the fact that I need people in my life in order to survive because it’s so annoying that it’s true and fuck the world and fuck this universe. Today I am going to marathon stupid movies, wait until its midnight, drink champagne and sleep before 1 A.M because I don’t wanna stay up to party.

See you guys next year.


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