The story of how some lady got me off my lazy ass.

Aka my first quote.

“A lot of people dream. And while they are busy dreaming, the really interesting, powerful, engaged people are busy doing”.- Shonda Rhimes.

I love Shonda Rhimes. I loved her since I started watching Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Actually, I started with Scandal. But that’s not the point. She is one my icons… is that what people say now? Well, she’s my role model. The lady owns a fucking production company, is a single mother of three daughters, writes and produces and creates more than three tv-shows, and went to an Ivy school. Besides all her achievements, her personality is great. She is funny, she’s a feminist and she supports LGBT. Oh, and she gives the best speeches ever. Do I have to say more? This lady is fucking badass.

The first time I heard about her was on 9Gag. Believe it or not. I was scrolling on 9Gag, as always, wasting my time on gifs with kittens that are stuck in some box or another Nicholas Cage meme. You know the drill. Anyway, they posted a comic of this quote, except it was a bit longer. More like a story, because she said it at the Dartmouth Commence Speech thingy. But as usual, I clicked on it because I saw some black lady writing at a desk and I thought, oeh, a writer. Then I read it. This quote/speech comic thingy, and it changed my life.

At first I was like, wait who is this lady? Because what she said hit me like Miley’s wrecking ball hit the fucking wall. Thus I began my research of this mystery woman. I thought, if she was just some lady than I don’t really have to believe what she said. That if she was just some lady, the comic was just another bullshit comic that randomly appeared on the most bullshit site of the planet. But she wasn’t. She was this wonderful woman, well, as I have said before. And I then, finally followed her advice, because it was so true. I had never thought of dreaming that way. Because yeah, I admit, I was a dreamer. I was also a doer, but not really. I dreamt so much about being a doer I forgot that I actually wasn’t.

I dreamed about writing, and being a writer. But I rarely did anything. And then Shonda happened. So yeah, there’s that story. 6 months later, this blog came to life. And now, I’m trying to outline my newest project for the summer. Shonda, you rock!


Here comes another challenge :)

The day after my first challenge, I got nominated for my second challenge by Mind of Quayla. Thanks! You’re awesome 🙂 These are the rules:

The Quote Challenge.

1. Post 3 of your favourite quotes each per day for 3 recurrent days. The quotes can be of any other people or it may come straight from your own heart.

I’m not going to post a quote today. I’ll start tomorrow with the first quote, and I’ll probably bumbelfuck my way through some deep story about that quote for you guys. And then the next day, the second quote will appear. I’m gonna let you in a little secret, I’ll probably write them all today. Because there a big chance that I will forget it. And then, I’ll just set the timer so it will self upload and I won’t have to do anything ^_^ Gotta love technology. 

2. Nominate 3 bloggers with each post to challenge them.

Oh God, this will probably be really tough. I don’t wanna challenge the same people over and over again, so I’ll probably have to find new ones. Great -_-

A Rainbow Idea

Beware of Hare

Just Elm

3. Don’t forget to thank the person who nominated you.

I already did, but I’ll do it again. Thankk you soooo much!!!!! ♥

My first awesome challenge.

The First Post Challenge will be the first challenge I’ve ever done. How suitable, first post challenge, my first challenge. Get it? Thanks, A Rainbow Idea for nominating me 🙂 Everyone needs to check her out, cuz she’s freakin’ awesome *smirk* This is what I have to do:

1. Copy-paste, link, pingback (or whatever way you want to) your first post:

Happy New Year. Because I started the blog on the 1th of January. It was a new year-new goals-new look-new me kind of thing. 

2. Explain what type of post it was – ex. introduction, poem, story

Uh. Introduction, I guess. I had to choose one. And an advice kind of  post. Well, advice. More like, reality. You know, when you’re sitting in class, or in your office staring into the distance, buried in your deep thoughts until someone snaps their fingers in front of your nose and takes you back to reality. Well, it was that kind of a post. And also introduction, about me, the blogger, obviously.

3. Explain why that was your first post.

I wanted to introduce myself. But I didn’t want it to be something like, hey, my name is [insert name] and here are a few facts about me. Cuz I figured, if anyone was gonna read this thing, they won’t care about the facts because I don’t even know who I am. (I wouldn’t care) So I thought, lets give them a little sneak peek of what they can expect.

4. Nominate 5 other bloggers (or less, I won’t bite):



The Chronicles of a Brown Eyed Girl


Sorry guys, but I couldn’t find that many people who kept their blog updated. And I’m too lazy to find the other one. Butttt, I just wanted to say that today was awesome. Because I went to the zoo, and I hated it. There were too many kids (& fyi, there were more grandpa’s and grandma’s than kids), it was hot as fuck, it smelled like poop all the time. But the animals were awesome. And the whole gay marriage thing is totally awesome.

So yea. I’m done with the exams. Thank God. I almost drowned in there. Nevermind, I did. Now I’m dead inside.

Concert, exams, kitten, summer. (Perhaps not in that order)

The summer of 2015 began on June the 21st. Tbh, I didn’t even notice it until one of my friends mentioned it this morning. So much for living mindfully (-_-). I feel truly sorry for my leap of absence on this blog…. right. Who am I kidding. I feel more guilty for me than for anyone else tbh. But hey, at least I still blog every month. So that’s a good thing, right?

I have been extremely busy. It is currently 0:46 AM and I’m supposed to study for my math exam tomorrow morning. Instead, I’m watching Netflix, my eyes hurt and I’m sleepy. So, I’m going to take a nap of like 5 hours, and then continue my freaking math horseshit.

Butt, before I leave, this summer I’m going to some weird camp. Well, technically not a camp, more like an international.. summer. school? It’s kinda weird, but I live with some host family for the summer. Should be fun, with all the international people. I’ll definitely keep you guys posted, since I don’t have anything else to do in the summer.

Oh, another thing. Next week, I’m getting a kitten! What I mean is, literally, getting one. Not visiting some animal shelter looking for one. Nope, he will come home. And I’ll post pictures, for sure. Maybe even start an Insta account and call it something like, Unknown Cat Lady Diary, or something like that. And I’ve already got a name in mind, but lets leave that for the big reveal. ^_^

On the 7th of June, I went to my first concert. Not one that I enjoyed with all of my heart, much to my dismay. One of my friends got 2 tickets for her birthday, she asked if I wanted to come with. Probably, partly because I lived 10 minutes from the place they were giving the concert. But whatever. I honestly have never heard of them before, so I thought, why the fuck not? So I went, and at first, it was horrible. Because the first band that played, kinda like the intro, was so fucking bad. The lead singer spit on me. Literally, spit on us. We were soaked in water and spit. And I didn’t even like him.

After that, another band came. They were pretty popular, better than the first one. But the finale band, I liked them. Especially the new lead singer, he was hot as fuck. After the concert, my ears hurt. For just a little bit. I thought that it would be worse.

I hate my life. I love my life. My thoughts are like scrambled eggs. They don’t make any fucking sense, at all. But they’re still so good. It’s annoying.