Oh the joys of being me.

Lately I’ve developed this problem and I have no idea how to fix it. So basically, I’ve been so busy the past couple of weeks ever since Christmas break ended, I can’t even remember if there was a day when I slept more than 4/5 hours (except on weekends, of course, those are my recharge days).

The thing about me being busy is, I don’t mind that a lot. I mean I do, because well school sucks balls and forces me to write essays about feminism even though I’m sitting there like, who gives a shit? Let’s all skip the fact that I’m not a big fan of feminism, I think that it’s needed yes but a bit overrated right now. But that’s not important, so spare me the arguments in the comments, yes? It’s a controversial topic and if I happen to have a different opinion than you, accept it because believe it or not, everyone has their own opinion.

Alright, now back to my little problem. So you all know that I like to write because well, I love it and it kind of releases all the stress and feelings stuffed up in my ugly brain. But I haven’t had the time to write anything for the past few weeks and let me tell you, it nearly killed me. I’m not kidding.

Somewhere in those weeks I reached a point which all my fingers were bitten until they bled, my hair became thinner because I pulled on them so much and I looked like some zombie and I had bloodshot eyes. I felt like the Walking Dead, literally. So that was when I decided to drop everything (life issues, homework, social life, you name it) and I decided to write. So I took my laptop to my favorite spot in the house, opened a Word document, made myself a bowl of cereal (because who doesn’t love Froot Loops?), sat down and wrote.

Except… at that moment, right then and there, I couldn’t write anymore. Couldn’t, wouldn’t, didn’t. I mean…. what the fuck?  I wanted to write so much that I kind of went insane and when I got the opportunity to do it, I just couldn’t. I had no inspiration at all. And no motivation either. The words just didn’t come out. Like someone who had selective mutism and I have selected ‘not-being-able-to-write’. I don’t know how to explain it.


You know what? I give up on life.

I don’t even know anymore.


4 thoughts on “Oh the joys of being me.

  1. Believe it or not, that’s quite a common problem for writers! 💯At least, in the beginning; you get used to it after awhile. When you get in those moments when you can’t type a single thing, there’s honestly only one thing you can do – Write! 😂 I know that sounds hilarious and maybe even stupid (which is what I thought when I got that advice), but it’s the truth! Just start writing/typing random sentences. Because even tho you know you’re going to erase or delete it after you do, I can guarantee you’ll start putting down some sentences you like! 😊

    Btw – I’m no feminist either! 😉

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    1. Your advice is indeed kind of stupid, when read it I was just like “uh, you’re telling me to write when I just said I can’t write…” haha, but I get what you mean. Thanks though, I’ll try it out 🙂
      Yes! Finally, someone who’s like me. I felt like drowning in the three different feminism essays I had to write the past two months (-_-) I honestly think my English teacher is a feminist. She’s crazy, I tell you. Even though I’m a writer, I felt like writing one essay was harder than writing a novel, especially the last one. I mean, how much can you write about feminism? XD
      I’m ranting, aren’t I >.<

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      1. Lol it always seems stupid at 1st! 😂😂 Yeah, I just think feminism is too contradicting. :/ Is it really about equality or wanting to be more superior? I’d rather just eat Chocolate, and speak my mind from a distance! 😜😂😂

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