The six legged black beetle bug.

This schedule thing is so much fun! Had I know that this was possible, had I not publish 18 posts in January and only 1 in March. Stupidity is really infinite. There is a big chance that you will read this on a Sunday, and that I’m writing this on a Monday. Technically Tuesday, because it’s already past midnight.

Oh my God. I am just back from another traumatic incident. Not that you guys can tell, since it’s not a vlog or anything. You know, the annoying thing about blogging is that I have to tell you guys things after it happened. It’d be so much more fun if it happened right away. Anyway, as I was writing my long ramble about the schedule feature on this blog, some freaking bug fell on my feet. No, it wasn’t a spider, if it was the whole neighborhood would be mad at me right now. No, I wasn’t wearing any socks because it’s like 80 degrees in my room, and for me that’s enough not to wear socks.

Since it wasn’t a spider, I didn’t scream. The thing fell of my feet the second it landed on it, and went for an adventure through my sheets. As I just on to the ground, pushed my laptop to the other side of my bed (which is the wall) and went looking for a cup. Not after staring at the thing for about 5 minutes, trying to figure out what it was while trying to keep my heart from exploding. I found a coffee cup (ice coffee caramel, Starbucks) that was 1 week old (yes, I definitely have to clean up my room) and tried to cup the bug with it.

Except, it ran. It freaking ran into my pile of clothes at the end of my bed, which were surprisingly, all dark colored. Since the thing was black, it was impossible to locate it. So I waited. I literally sat there, on the edge of my bed, looking the pile of clothes, waiting for it to come out. And it did, after about 15 minutes. Because I figured, that if it wasn’t a spider, I could take this thing. It was me against the six legged black beetle bug, and I was ready to make it my bitch. Except, it ran, again. Under my laptop this time!

So, naturally, I panicked, because my laptop is my precious and hallelujah, was I afraid that it might get in through the venting system. In the panic, I forgot that the beetle was a whole fucking lot bigger than the little dots my laptop uses to let out its steam. The dot was the size of this beetle’s freaking poopoo. As I said before, stupidity is infinite. So, I picked up my laptop, pushed it to the other side, causing this beetle to wanna play hide and seek.

You know, I actually really love hide and seek. Because as a kid, I always won. Since I was little, I figured out that it was not a game of who could run better. It was just a mix of patience and a good strategy. Mostly patience. Anyway, back to the story. Yeah, I don’t like hide and seek with bugs. Most definitely not, when they decide to hide in my favorite blouse. That was enough for me, to run downstairs, explain to my dad that the bug had six feet so it wasn’t scary and now I lost it. It took me 25 minutes to locate it, and my dad 1. Another second to squish it into mush. I am so grateful that there is no law against an attempted murder of a beetle bug.

My favorite blouse is on its way to the washing machine. So is the pile of black clothes. And a few socks on the floor. This post might be even more interesting than I intended it to be. I’m glad.

Gotta go now. Sleepy time~!


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